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The liver is the powerhouse of the body with most fluids cycling through the liver at some point in its journey or other. The liver works to metabolize the drugs we take, the foods we eat, it purifies the blood, it helps to process the things we eat and drink, and it helps to improve our overall health.

The liver also works to detoxify the entire body which means that when it needs a detox, the entire body feels it. The liver is an integral part of the process when it comes to processing, absorbing, and using the foods that we eat.

A liver detox is an opportunity to flush out all the harmful elements that exist in our livers that we have eaten or ingested over time.

11 Safe Ways To Flush Your Liver

The liver is a fundamental part of what makes our bodies go each and every day. As such, it is important that we take care of it and that we work to cleanse the liver from time to time.

There are tons of foods and methods that can help you to cleanse the liver easily and quickly to improve your overall health.


Garlic works as a great liver cleanser.

For starters, it works to activate liver enzymes that create bile that helps to flush build up out of your liver. Garlic works to promote the production of liver enzymes so it helps to promote the flushing of the liver overall. Garlic is full of selenium and allicin that both promote liver cleanse.

Vitamin C

Another great way to start any liver cleanse is to take vitamin C. Be it naturally through eating things like grapefruit, oranges, or other citrus fruit, or through a supplement, vitamin C can do wonders when it comes to detoxifying the liver.

Vitamin C has natural cleansing properties and help to promote the creation of detoxifying enzymes in the liver that can help flush out any harmful toxins that may have built up.

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Green Tea

Green tea is marvelous for your health in a wide range of ways. For starters, it helps to elongate your life, it helps to promote healthy weight, and it also helps to flush the liver. Green teas is plant based and as such is full of plant based antioxidants known as catechins.

They are known to help promote liver function and can help to promote the creation of liver enzymes that flush the liver. You want to have brewed green tea rather than extract as extract has been known to be harmful to the liver.

Leafy Greens

These are a powerhouse for those that are looking to cleanse the liver quickly and on a routine basis. Leafy greens have a high concentration of chlorophyll which helps to soak up the toxins that are present in the system.

They also have the ability to absorb pesticides, chemicals, and other toxins from the bloodstream and therefore from the liver. These greens also help you to evacuate waste from the system which means you are going to have less back up and more frequent bowel movements.

Overall, leafy greens are a great way to clean up the system all around.

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Olive Oil

These oils are great for the body for a great way to cleanse the liver as well. Olive oil and other similar cold pressed oils have the ability to provide the body with the lipid base that is needed for the body to cleanse and for the toxins in the system to be absorbed and removed.

They are also great for helping to cleanse the body of excess waste and for keeping the body regular. Olive oil is also great for the heart and is a healthy fat that can keep you feeling great for longer.


Apples are a great aid when you are cleansing the liver for a few different reasons. For starters, they are full of pectin, a compound that occurs naturally in fruits. Pectin helps the body to cleanse toxins from the actual digestive tract not just the liver.

By cleansing the digestive tract it makes the job of the liver much simpler and makes it possible for the liver to take on larger amounts of toxins during a cleanse.

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Raw Turmeric

This is a spice that can do a great deal for your body. Turmeric has the ability to help the liver detoxify on its own. You can add it to any dish, to smoothies, can take it on its own, and so much more.

Turmeric helps to boost the production of the enzymes that are needed to flush the liver and remove the toxins that tend to build up over time.

If you are taking turmeric to help flush the liver, it is best to get the actual spice rather than taking a supplement that has turmeric in it.

Raw Vegetable Juice

Raw veggie juice is not only great for helping you to lose weight, get the vitamins you need, and feel great, it can also help you to flush your liver.

Raw veggie juice is rich in vitamin C, pectin, and so much more and can help reduce the load on your liver.

By drinking raw veggie juice, you can help to stimulate the liver and get the enzyme production going so that you can get your liver cleansed and feeling great faster.


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Potassium and foods that are rich in potassium also help to promote the production of the enzymes in the liver that are necessary for the flushing of the liver.

These enzymes help to bind to toxins and flush them from the system.

With potassium rich foods you can help to reduce the amount of toxins in your system and can help you feel better and get your liver back in tip top shape.

Milk Thistle and Dandelion

For those that want a very natural route, milk thistle and dandelion tea can help to flush the liver as well. Again, they help to stimulate the liver and produce the necessary enzymes to flush the liver and to remove the built up toxins that tend to accumulate through our daily life.

We eat things and take in toxins that we may never even realize are making us feel terrible and a good liver cleanse may be just what you need to start feeling great again.

Beef Liver and Liver Tablets

For those that want something that is very effective, eating beef liver or any animal liver for that matter has a ton of health benefits for your liver.

For starters, liver is high in vitamin A, vitamin B, folic acid, choline, zinc, iron, copper, chromium, and CoQ10.

All these help to cleanse the body and to promote the creation of the enzymes in the body that are necessary to help cleanse the liver.

There are a great range of benefits as well from blood that is frequently found in animal livers.

No matter how you go about cleansing your liver, taking the time to really make an effort to find alternatives that work is going to make you feel a great deal better. Your liver is a very important part of your system and with the right care and time, you can get your liver cleansed and ready to take on any toxins that you might come across.

Liver Detox Diet

One fantastic way to help cleanse the liver is to take the time to alter your diet.

The first step is to remove the toxins from your current diet.

This means removing things like overly processed foods, refined sugars, alcohol, and more.

These are all hard on the liver and can cause a great deal of discomfort and extra effort for your liver. After you remove the toxins from your current diet, you can start to change your diet.

Adding a wide range of foods such as Leafy greens, olive oil, apples, green tea, avocados that are known to help with liver cleansing is the best way to go.

These are all known to help promote the creation of liver enzymes that are necessary for liver cleansing. These foods are also great for losing weight.

Many people go on a raw juice diet for a day or two before they even start to eat liver healthy foods to help do a quick flush of all the toxins out.

For those that want a very fast start to their liver cleanse, coffee enemas done by a professional is a great way to jump start your cleanse and to remove a great deal of toxins all at once.

Following a strict liver cleanse diet can help to make you feel more energy, feel better overall, and can help you to flush the toxins from your body so that you feel better all around.

The most important part of any liver detox diet is to remove the toxic foods that are already in your diet to help get your liver cleanse kicked off without doing any damage to your body.

Foods To Eat To Flush Your Liver

  • Broccoli
  • Grapefruit
  • Garlic
  • Walnuts
  • Lemons
  • Avocados
  • Green Tea
  • Leafy Greens
  • Beetroot
  • Brussel Sprouts

Foods To Avoid

  • Alcohol
  • Gluten
  • Turkey and Chicken and Meat Products
  • Pork
  • Fried Fruits
  • Caffeine
  • Fizzy Drinks
  • Non-Organic Fruits and Veggies
  • Refined Grains

How Safe Is Liver Detox?

There are a few different things that you should keep in mind when undergoing a liver detox.

The first is that any of the methods mentioned can cause negative side effects if you are not careful. A juice fast is a great way to get your liver cleanse underway but without the right caution, it can also cause dramatic weight loss and can leave you feeling drained.

When doing a juice cleanse do not do it for more than a day or two at a time. Prolonged juice cleanses can have far worse negative side effects than it may ever have positive effects.

Another thing to keep in mind is that when you are doing a coffee enema there are some painful side effects that can go with it. You want to make sure that before you do a colonic, you understand the possible side effects.

One that is very common is diarrhea that is prolonged. It can also cause stomach cramping and abdominal bloating.

The best way to cleanse the liver safely is to take the time to add liver cleansing foods to your diet that are going to safely and gradually detoxify your liver rather that do it very quickly.

The body is an amazing thing and if you are careful, your liver cleanse can be very safe and very beneficial to your body and to your overall health.


Your liver is the processing center that a great deal of the blood in your body passes through. Without a healthy liver, your body is not going to be able to process and digest the foods that we eat

The liver is an integral part of a very sophisticated machine that we call our bodies. Without a liver that is healthy, we can experience pain, our system can shut down, and our bodies may not be getting all that they need from the foods that we eat.

If you take the time to really think about what you are eating, to alter your diet accordingly, and to commit to a full liver cleanse. You can start feeling better faster than you might ever even imagine.