Whether you’re a big-time fitness enthusiast, or simply someone looking for a convenient source of protein, whey protein is undoubtedly the most popular form of the much-consumed supplement. While people tend to get into fitness without much prior knowledge, for those that don’t know, protein is an essential supplement. When you get into fitness, whether it’s  muscularly intensive or not, you will need protein. Protein is a macronutrient that serves as the primary building block of muscle. If you get into lifting weights, running hard, and other forms of exercise, you’ll need protein to repair those muscles and other soft tissues that are damaged as a result of fitness.

Because protein is often only present in meat, dairy, or huge quantities of plant-based foodstuffs, you’d have to eat a tremendous amount of calories to get your necessary amount of protein. Thanks to whey protein, however, you can now get a ton of protein without having to consume all of those calories. What makes whey protein even better is the fact that it’s tasty and fast-digesting, making it perfect for people on the go.

Here are the top 10 best proteins you should consider taking the next time you make a workout shake.

10. Dymatize Whey Protein


Dymatize whey protein is great because it comes in several delicious flavors and it mixes easily. If a protein “mixes” well, it means that it doesn’t end up as blobs of chewy protein and instead, is easily grinded into a drinkable substance. This is a sign of a great protein, and there is no doubt that Dymatize’s whey protein checks this box. If you’re looking for a decently priced and effective protein, look no further.

9. BSN Whey Protein

BSN syntha6

BSN is one of the biggest supplement companies in the game today. With a myriad of different supplements, their protein stands atop of their supplements as their standout product. BSN whey protein is great because it comes in so many delicious flavors, and they even offer several whey isolates as well. Isolates are fantastic for people looking to get as much protein with as little calories as possible, and I think this is one of the aspects of this protein that makes it among the best.

8. BodyTech Whey Protein

BodyTech whey Protein

BodyTech is famous for being one of the cheaper whey proteins on the market, but just because it’s cheap, don’t expect it to lack in quality. Bodytech is an excellent starter protein for people just getting into fitness. Not only it provides 25 grams of protein per scoop, but it’s extremely affordable for those on a budget. Definitely look into getting some if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on supplements.

7. GAT Whey Protein

GAT Protein

GAT is yet another one of the world’s fastest growing supplement companies, and their whey protein products are among the best. Their protein is unique in that it offers several digestive enzymes not often found in a lot of other proteins. It’s also important to note that their protein has a lot of carbs for pre and post workout energy.

6. Blackstone Labs Whey Protein


Blackstone Labs is a small supplement company based out of South Florida, but their protein is having a big impact. With a three-way blend and an isolate whey protein in their arsenal, they consistently provide some of the best supplements on the market. Definitely give their protein a try if you want something practical but not too pricy.

5. Cellucor Whey Protein

Cellucor Whey Protein

Cellucor is one of the bigger supplement conglomerates, and their protein products are huge part of their success. Their protein products feature low calories, high protein content, and lots of amino acids crucial to muscular development.

4. MTS Nutrition Whey Protein

MTS whey Protein

MTS Nutrition is a smaller supplement company, but their whey protein is some of the best on the planet. It has lots of amino acids, and special digestive enzymes to accelerate nutrient absorption.

3. ISO-100 Whey Protein

ISO-100 Whey Protein

ISO-100 is unique in that it is one of the few pure protein isolates on this list. Isolates are great because they lots of protein but very few calories. Definitely consider ISO-100 if you’re looking for a tasty low calorie protein powder.

2. MusclePharm Combat Powder

MusclePharm Whey Protein

With Combat Powder by MusclePharm, it’s hard to beat the great price and awesome amount of protein you get with this supplement. Because it tastes so great and mixes so well, it’s the second best protein on our list.

1. OptimumNutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein


Ask any fitness enthusiast and they’ll probably tell you that Gold Standard is the best way on the planet. Take a sip of it and your taste buds will tell you the same thing. It’s priced fairly, mixes superbly, and tastes amazing. If you want the best protein on the planet, just buy gold standard.

Everyone has different tastes for protein, so be sure to try all of the ones on this list to decide for yourself!

Which one is your favourite? Please share in the comments below.