9 Easy Ways To Stay Leaner Without Doing Exercise

Lose Weight without Exercise - SimplyLeaner
Lose Weight without Exercise - SimplyLeaner

Taking selfies at the gym or Snapchat stories of them working out with friends, from my own personal experience, I can honestly tell you that losing weight is extremely difficult.

It requires extreme dedication, restraint, intelligence, and consistency. I cannot even explain how many times I have told myself I would begin to stay leaner, but never actually began and took the right steps. I was always turned off by the idea of having to do exercise since I find most times when I don’t have work, school, or any duties to do – I sit on my couch and watch TV.

My first thoughts are not that it is time to work out. My first thoughts are focused on eating and relaxing with whatever time I am able to. So, because I figured I would never stay leaner due to my extreme hatred of having to work out, I stopped trying.

Little did I know that there are many ways to lose your annoying weight without having to do any exercises! This makes it much more possible for busy people like me to be able to stay leaner without having to take out chunks of their day to working out.

Nine Proven Ways To Stay Leaner Without Doing Exercise

1. Eating Clean Diet

Losing weight can be as easy as just eating the right things each day. It’s important to keep to a rigorously strict diet if you plan on using it as one of the main ways to stay leaner without having to exercise.

Fruits and vegetables should play a big part in your diet as well as the continual use of the chicken protein in your meals as pork, beef, and lamb are filled with more fats and are less healthy.

2. Drinking More Water

Staying hydrated every day can help your chances of losing more weight as it can detox your body of many toxins and help you believe that you are more full so that you tend to want to eat less. Plus, using water as your only beverage in your diet can limit the amount of sugary drinks such as sodas and juices.

It also helps because fiber soaks up the water you ingest, and this is important because if you do not drink enough water for a diet that is heavy on fiber then you can become constipated.

So, in total, water helps keep yourself full, keep hydrated, and reduces the weight in your intestines, therefore making you less bloated and aiding in weight loss.

3. Make Breakfast Count.

When people tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, they are not messing around. Eating a hearty breakfast can be the perfect way to stay leaner without needing to work out because it will keep your body filled and content for more hours in the day than skipping breakfast will.

Fill your breakfast with eggs, orange juice, some toast, and a yogurt and this can keep your stomach filled up until it is lunchtime. So, waking up early and preparing this meal for yourself will help keep yourself on track of losing weight without having to exercise!

If you didn’t make a full and complete breakfast in the morning and decided to have something small or unhealthy when you wake up, you will find that you are hungrier throughout the day and will end up snacking on other unhealthy options, which will – in turn – make you gain more weight rather than losing it.

4. Meal Prep For A Week

Preparing meals for each time of the day you will be eating can also help you stay leaner because it is easier to restrict your food intake if you prepare specific amounts of food for each meal all at once.

So, what would help you stay leaner is taking time on Sunday nights of each week to meal prep for each meal you will need for the next seven days. In doing this you are making a promise to yourself to only eat what you portion out instead of digging in the fridge or food cabinets for more food.

This will help you stay leaner because you will be sticking to a set amount of calories ingested each day.

5. Trick Yourself For Small Portion Meals

Tricking your mind into thinking it is eating more than you actually are can also improve the likelihood of losing weight without needing to work out. This is because your mind believes it is hungrier than it is most times, so you end up portioning more food on your plate or purchasing more unhealthy options at the grocery store than healthy ones.

One way to avoid this is to portion the amount of food you think you will eat onto a smaller plate with some smaller utensils, as this will trick your brain into thinking it is eating a lot because the tiny plate will be filled.

6. Find Ways To Relieve Stress.

Stress is one of the biggest reasons people tend to put on weight. It is even said that the first semester of a person’s college years is when they gain the most weight because of all the new stressors being introduced into their daily lives.

It is found that in people who are more relaxed and carefree, there is an increased amount of weight loss because they are happier and less strained. Some ways to relieve stress include having daily baths to soothe yourself, listening to relaxing piano or acoustic guitar music right before bed, partaking in yoga classes, watch more comedies on television, and meditating at least once a day. Using one of these methods to relieve your stress can help you begin your goal of losing weight.

7. Track Your Weight

In order to stay motivated and determined on losing weight through different processes than working out or having to go to gyms and do exercise for numerous periods of time, it is important to remember your goal weight and weigh yourself once a day in the morning to see your progress.

In seeing your daily progress in losing weight, it is possible that you will become more determined through seeing the positive outcomes of using these tips that you will be even more likely to lose more weight in a healthy and easy manner.

8. Get Enough Sleep

Yes. It really does help you lose weight! I didn’t know about it either, but it is true.

Getting those full eight hours each night benefits your health in more ways than just not being as tired. It can aid you in losing weight. Going to bed at a reasonable time at night will help you get your eight hours so you can also wake up bright and early in the mornings.

Sleeping helps burn calories, yes!!. It does not burn as much as eating right and quickening your metabolism over time but it does burn a significant amount of calories.

It also rejuvenates your body and gives you more energy. In this, sleeping helps keep your certain body systems healthy such as your digestive system. By having your digestive system rejuvenated and working well, you are more likely to digest your food easier and properly and retain more energy from the food you’ve consumed.

9. Limit the Amount of Electronics In Your Life.

Most people eat their meals in front of some sort of electronic device whether it is your television, cell phone, or laptop. This means that you are eating quicker because your mind is distracted watching something or doing something on your electronic devices it does not realize how quick it is consuming the food or how much.

Other than during meal times, overall limiting the amount of electronics in your life can help you stay leaner because you will constantly be finding other things to do than watching movies and television shows or playing video games.

Simple Ways

The less time you spend on electronics, the more likely you are to find something healthier to do that can help contribute to your goal of losing weight.

Using these nine nifty steps to losing weight is much better than having to subject oneself to hours of working out and exercise during days where I just want to be able to relax!

Using these tips and keeping up with each way to stay leaner every single day of your life can result in a large drop in weight. It is still necessary to be dedicated, be able to restrict urges, and be consistent with these tips, but it can happen! It is finally possible to prepare ourselves for our true summer bodies without having to invest in a gym membership and finding time to workout at home.

Simple things like eating right and getting enough sleep can be so detrimental to your health and weight! Who knew that limiting the use of electronics within your lifestyle could have such a benefit to weight loss?

It is time for people who are too busy for working out to have their say and try these tips that avoid working out in order to stay leaner and look beautiful to themselves again.