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Obesity is like a sickness, a serious ailment which is attacking more and more people each day. Every second someone is getting a stroke just because being overweight caused them to develop high blood pressure while there are many others who cannot even touch sweet things because obesity has let them fall for diabetes. 

Overweight or being fat not only is the problem, it brings along with it a chain of never ending problems and illnesses that at times can become deadly. Not only do you lose your stamina but also find walking and breathing difficult.  

Unhealthy eating habits and lack of physical activity are one of the biggest factors contributing to the excessive weight gain of the masses. All thanks to the fast food chains who have cleverly tricked people into getting addicted to their unhealthy meals. As much as people love eating junk items, a few are only intelligent enough to burn out those calories as well. 

As far as you are working out to burn the calories, eating such food may cause no long term harm. There are people out there who are working together to raise awareness amongst the younger generation of losing weight and becoming fit for leading a longer and healthier life. And because of their efforts diet plan were born. One of the most famous diet plans followed all around the world is “Dukan diet” which has helped many obese individuals to lose weight and become fitter. Here is everything you should know about this amazing diet plan: 

What is Dukan Diet

Designed by Dr. Pierre Dukan who was a French general practitioner, this diet focuses on having high protein and low carb meals to speed up the weight loss process. Created for a patient who wanted to lose weight but couldn’t give up meat, Dr. Pierre Dukan came up with this diet plan in 1970’s and was able to see some major weight loss success stories. Because the outcomes of this diet were amazing and quick, the doctor soon published his book “the Dukan diet” explaining the entire process of the diet plan to help people around the globe with their weight issues. 

The Four Phases Of Dukan Diet

Dukan diet was designed to break down the weight loss process into four different stages to gain results faster. Before starting it, the “true” weight of the patient is calculated based on their age, size and other factors so the right target can be set. Once done with the calculation, the patient is given a green signal to start the diet which consists of the following stages: 


The Attack Phase

The first seven days of this diet plan is termed as the “attack phase” where the patient is only allowed to eat lean meat which includes beef, pork, chicken (de-skinned), veal or any other meat that they could get their hands on. Because this is a high protein diet, meat is the biggest source of protein and it is complimented with a few low-calorie items like tofu, eggs, oat bran and even pickles. The patients are strictly advised to keep them self-hydrated by drinking 1.5 liters of water daily. 

The Cruise Phase

For the initial 1-12 months, people following this diet plan are suggested to eat lean protein one day and combine it with non-starchy vegetables the next day and continue taking 2 tablespoons of oats bran every day. Here is the list of vegetable that can be taken on alternative days with meat: 

    • [highlight]

      • Spinach (all green leafy vegetables) 
      • Kale 
      • Lettuce 
      • Broccoli 
      • Cucumbers 
      • Bell peppers 
      • Tomatoes 
      • Celery 
      • Eggplants 
      • Carrots 
      • Asparagus 
      • Artichokes 
      • Onions etc 


These are few of the veggies that a person doing this diet is permitted to have. Have them either in salads or sauté in 1 teaspoon of oil. Try new recipes just to make dieting more fun. 

The Consolidation Phase

This phase can be included in your routine on and off as per your dietician’s guidance. This phase consists of 5 days of unlimited lean protein which can be taken once in a week. Veggies and oats bran is must while some carbs and fats are brought in as an addition to this phase of the diet. In the consolidation phase, the dieter is allowed to choose and combine items from the first two phases and prepare meals of their choice. 

They are also allowed to have a cheat meal day which includes having dessert and the main course of your liking. For those who have hit the weight loss plateau, the consolidation phase can be a great way of getting them back on the track. 

The Stabilization Phase

This is the fourth and the last phase of the Dukan diet which focuses on maintaining the weight one has lost during the initial phases. This one has no strict rules but the individual is supposed to take the rules of the consolidation phases and follow them for planning meals. The only difference is that the consumption of oats bran is increased to three tablespoons a day.  

For maintenance of weight, make sure you control your caloric intake, break down your meals into five smaller meals and exercise thrice a week. Increasing physical activity will not only help you in maintaining the lost weight but also in staying fit and active. 

Why Dukan Diet works? 

Intake of sugar and starch are one of the biggest culprits that lead to increased weight while cutting them out of your lives can help in losing weight quickly. Because Dukan diet aims at filling your body with meat and low caloric food, the proteins taken in are converted into glucose which provides the body with energy. While carbohydrates get stored in the body in the form of fats as it is difficult to be broken down. 

Another reason why this diet works is that taking proteins tricks your brain into feeling fuller so you end up eating lesser than your normal routine and yet feel energetic. It also helps in suppressing hunger by decreasing the production of hormones which triggers appetite in humans. 

This diet aims at improving your body’s metabolic rate so that whatever you eat is digested quickly and so you lose weight much more quickly. 

Is Dukan Diet Safe?

People trying to lose weight ask this common question quite frequently. Yes, the Dukan diet is totally safe to do. Why? Because technically this diets allows you to eat each and everything but in small quantities. It is high protein diet but allows food items that are low carb and low fat so that your body gets all the minerals that it requires in a day to function properly yet you still continue to lose weight. 

 It does not involve starving one’s self or getting dehydrated to a point that it becomes life threatening. While formulating this Diet, Dr. Dukan understood the importance of eating in a balanced way so that no bodily functions are affected. This diet not only helps obese people to lose weight but also keeps them energetic to get through a tough day ahead of them. 

If you have tried various diets and nothing have seemed to have worked for you, try the Dukan diet and you will definitely be amazed by the results. 

47 Foods To Eat During Dukan Diet

Unlike the other diet plans, the Dukan diet is easy to follow as it does not require you to starve yourself. It includes no expensive list of ingredients and is convenient. No need to stop yourself from going outside for get-togethers or dine outs because as long as you order the meals from the list of items permissible, nothing can stop you from having a fun evening with friends and family. 

  • Beef
    Top round
  • Poultry
    Skinless Chicken
    Skinless Turkey
  • Pork
    Lean Bacon
  • Veal
    Leg Cutlet
    Top round
  • All Seafood Types
  • Dairy
    Low Fat Milk
    Low Fat Milk
    Low Fat Yogurt
    Low Fat Buttermilk
  • Cheese
    Low Fat Cottage Cheese
    Low Fat Cream cheese
  • Fats
    Olive Oil
    Canola Oil
  • Nuts
    Peanut Butter
  • Eggs
    Whole Eggs
  • Tofu
    Low Fat Tofu
    Low Fat Paneer
  • Spices with No Added Sugar
  • Seasonings
    Almond and Vanilla Extract
  • Sweets
    Sugar Free Sweets
    Sugar Free Chocolate Powder
    Sugar Free Gelatine
  • Vegetables


Eat as much as you like because the Dukan diet does not believe in eating less and losing weight. The basis of this diet stands on eating protein and using it as a weight loss tool because not many people realize protein can speed up the weight loss process without harming one’s health. so eat your way towards losing weight through this amazing diet. Try out new recipes with the permissible ingredients which include some delicious veggies and make your dieting period interesting. 

The best part of this diet is that if you are a true food lover, you don’t have to give up your favorite foods completely. You just need to find a way to prepare them in a much healthier way when in this diet to make sure you can lose weight. So go for some food experimenting and make work out fun for yourself, this diet gives you a kick start towards losing weight and becoming fitter for life. Say bye to obesity and welcome a new healthy lifestyle with open arms to live with for the rest of your life.