Gingelly Oil - Sesame Oil

Nature never ceases to amaze mankind with its numerous blessings. Getting water from glaciers to extracting oil from flowers, nature has its own way of providing the living beings with various things to survive. Be it an apple that helps in keeping the doctor away or gingelly oil which is great for consumption. Everything, when consumed in moderation can benefit your body in great ways. Amongst such amazing oil with various benefits is the gingelly oil. Here are the things that you might not know about this oil.

What is Gingelly Oil

More commonly known as sesame oil, this is extracted from sesame seeds. These seeds are protected by a capsule which bursts open when ripe. There are many different ways through which sesame oil is extracted. Gingelly Oil contains fatty acids that are good for your body, hair and skin. This oil is mostly used in the Indian subcontinent for cooking and many people around the world use it for massage and therapeutic purposes.

The Extraction Process

Different countries use different methods to extract gingelly oil from the small sesame seeds. Mostly the developing countries go for less expensive processes including hot water flotation, ram presses or Ghani process. On the other hand, the developed countries use large expellers for extracting this wonder oil from the seeds.
Some people blend and mix the gingelly oil with chemicals to neutralize and bleach it for consumption. But if the sesame seeds are fresh and of good quality, the oil extracted from it does not have to go through and neutralization process. It has a pleasant smell and taste that is good enough for consuming in its raw and organic form.

Benefits of Gingelly Oil

Mostly called as sesame oil, this oil contains properties that are good for your health. Not only it is highly nourishing but also has healing properties. From cooking to skin care, gingelly oil has been in use for decades. Sesame oil is rich in vitamins, calcium and nutrients that are good for your body. Here are the few of the many benefits of including gingelly oil in your daily routine.

1. Stops pre-mature graying

With all the pollution and unhealthy eating habits, your hair are becoming undernourished and that’s why people are facing the problem of pre-mature graying. Rather than hiding them with dyes and damaging your hairs further, massage your scalp with gingelly oil on weekly basis. It contains properties that will not only help you in getting back your natural, dark color but make your hairs healthier and shinier.

2. Get longer and Shinier hair

Massaging your scalp with sesame oil will improve the blood circulation to your scalp. With better blood flow, your hair will be able to get all the nutrients required for growth which will make them stronger and healthier from their roots. Using gingelly oil, you’ll see a shine in your hair and improvement in their growth as well.

3. Protects your hair

Just like your skin can be harmed from the UV rays, similarly, your hairs also need to be protected from the harmful rays of the sun. Gingelly oil is the best sunblock for your hair. Apply a little oil on your hairs so that it forms a protective layer and it will keep them safe from potential damage.

4. Say bye to head lice and infections

Gingelly oil is great for treating lice and fungal infections as it contains antibacterial properties which help in prevention of head lice, fungal and bacterial infections. Rather than scratching your head caused by infection and lice, treat your scalp with this cheap oil to get rid of your problems.

5. Moisturize your skin and scalp

Got the sun burn on your arm? Or feeling too hot? Just apply a little sesame oil on your arm and feel the cooling effect. Gingelly oil has cooling properties which are great for soothing yourself in extreme summers. It locks in the moisturizer in your body and keeps its temperature balanced.

6. Keep your scalp Dandruff free

Every 9 out of 10 people face the problem of dandruff. Let go of all the creams and pills, just massage your scalp with this inexpensive sesame oil and let it work its magic. Within a few days of regular usage, you will notice a visible difference. No more itching or dandruff.

7. Controls your Blood Pressure

Replacing your normal oil with gingelly oil for cooking will not only lower your blood pressure but help in controlling it so you could lead a healthy and active life.

8. Say “no” to high cholesterol

Sesame oil contains poly-saturated and mono-saturated fats as compared to the ordinary cooking oils. Adding this wonderful oil in your meals can help you in lowering the high levels of cholesterol. This oil contains natural chemicals that stop the deposition of fats from blocking your arteries and control your cholesterol.

9. Stop bleeding gums

If you are suffering from bleeding gums and can’t think of a way to treat it, simply fill your mouth with some gingelly oil. Let it sit there for 10 minutes and then spit it out. Rinse your mouth and you will have bleeding free gums.

10. Relax your nerves

With so much going on in your life, workload and stress, If you cannot stop worrying about your problems and can’t get rid of your tensions, just take a tablespoon of gingelly oil every day. This oil works wonders on strengthening your nerves and restoring the functioning of your muscles. Improve your muscle activity and keep your system relaxed with this amazing oil.

11. Losing weight for never easier

Consumption of this oil on daily basis suppresses your hunger and speeds up your metabolism so that you can lose weight easily. Take it along with a good workout regime and diet plan to see quicker and more amazing results.

12. Rejuvenate your skin

Apply gingelly oil before going to bed, massage your face gently and let the oil work its magic overnight. Within days not only will you feel your skin has tightened but it will restore the glow of your skin as well. Say hello to a younger looking skin with this inexpensive skin care product.

13. Detoxify your body

With bad eating habits, you have ended up filling your body with chemicals and things that will slowly and gradually effect your health. It is important to flush toxins out of your body so that you can stay healthier and energetic longer than other. Gingelly is best for detoxifying your body. It contains natural chemicals that help to flush the toxins out and detoxify your body.

14. Stronger teeth and bones

A lesser known fact about gingelly oil is that it is rich in calcium and magnesium. Both these components are great for your teeth and bones. Consuming a tablespoon of gingelly oil daily will strength your teeth and bones. Crack open a walnut or run like a tiger with stronger and healthier bones and teeth.

15. Cures sleep apnea

Not getting a good night’s sleep can be stressful on your nerves. People who suffer from sleeplessness and have weak nervous system should consider taking gingelly oil on daily basis. Why? It contains properties that have been observed to relax your nerves and treat sleep apnea so that you can sleep better and wake up fresh.

16. Reduces the risk of heart diseases

Gingelly oil is beneficial in reducing the risk of heart diseases. It has been observed that people who utilize this on daily basis either by cooking in it or taking a spoon with water have lower blood pressure and are at a lower risk of getting heart diseases. This oil makes your heart healthier and stronger so that you may lead a healthy, active and prolonged life.


Gingelly Oil - Sesame Oil

Even with so many benefits, it is always advised to take everything including this in moderation to gain maximum benefits from it.

Organic Gingelly oil and it’s advisable dosage

For better results, it is always a great idea to take organic, raw oil which is free from every kind of mixing and impurity. Some countries mix the gingelly oil with chemicals and other ingredients to enhance its flavor and smell at the cost of few benefits.

Gingelly oil is definitely one of the God’s greatest gifts to mankind. It contains hundreds of benefits that are yet to be explored and revealed. It is best for keeping your body nourished and healthy. Not only does this magical oil help you in losing weight but also keep you away from other illnesses.

Sesame oil extracted from small sesame seeds contains properties that can help you rejuvenate your skin and revitalize your hair. Why go to a dentist when you can maintain oral hygiene with this simple oil?