One-third of the world’s population weighs more than their actual weight. From children under the age of five to adults above forty, everyone is on the higher side of the BMI index which is very alarming of course. It is high time that people realize the difference between eating healthy and simply eating.

If you think starving yourself to death will help you in reducing that flab, then you’re are surely mistaken. Researchers have proved over time and again that eating less and taking minimizing calories intake can make your body go into starvation mode. And once your body starts to starve, losing weight will become even harder.

The idea behind losing weight is eating right food rather than not eating at all. Break down the number of meals you take in a day and include more vegetables and fruits. Don’t forget to chew your food properly as it helps in easy digestion of meals and increases the metabolism.

But just eating right will not help you in losing weight. No matter how much you change your eating habits, the best result will be attained only when you will increase your physical activity.

Burn some calories! And to further speed up the weight loss process go for “high-intensity interval training”.

What is HIIT – High-Intensity Interval Training

Call it interval training or HIIT, this is a new workout regime that focuses on gaining better results with less exercise. The basic idea behind interval training is to go for short interval intense workouts with less intensity recovery time. This form of cardiovascular exercise focuses on pumping you up in less time and improves the blood flow throughout the body.

Through interval training, you can get every muscle of your body working within no time at all. Not only does this new workout regime focus on burning calories quicker but helps you in building some muscle mass. It is twice effective on your body as the normal workouts that you usually go for in the gym.


How is it different and effective from the traditional workout routines?

Ever wondered how come these athletes and sprinters got such amazing bodies? Chiseled arms and six packs make them no less Godly. The best thing about this high-intensity workout is that it does not focus on just one part of your body but intends on working all the muscles of your body at the same time and in a similar manner.

Not only are you able to lose those stubborn blocks of fat from the most toughest area but also gain muscle mass that gives you the perfectly toned body. Choose this workout and get a body that women won’t be able to resist.

Benefits of High-Intensity Interval training

Obviously, when you get to know something new, you want to know more about its pros and cons. HIIT is all about a few minutes of intensive workouts with short rest periods in between. Here are a few of the benefits of interval training:

Saves time

With such tight and hectic schedules, people find no time to hit the gym and spend hours sweating there to lose weight. For all the busy people out there, interval training is the best form of workout to keep them active and healthy. It is an effective way of not only losing weight but ensuring physical health along with improving endurance and stamina.

Burn fats quicker

This amazing workout allows you to burn fats even after you have completed the training. This intense interval workout improves your body’s cycle by improving your metabolism so that even hours after completing the training you continue burning fats.

Reduces the risk of heart diseases

Because this is a high-intensity cardiovascular workout, it focuses on improving the functioning of the heart. It helps the heart in pumping more blood throughout the body and makes it more active which reduces the risk of heart diseases.

No need to spend on equipment

Neither you have to go to the gym nor buy any expensive equipment for doing this workout. Doesn’t matter if you are on a vacation or working in an office, this interval workout can be easily done anywhere. Do a quick set of jumping jacks or climb up and down the stairs quickly, the whole idea is just to get your heart pumping and becoming breathless.

Gain muscle mass

Not only do you burn calories but also gain muscle mass through this wonderful workout routine. Because the exercises done under this training does not focus only on one part of your body, it involves each and every muscle of your body be it in your arm or thighs to become active. It alters your metabolism so that even in a steady state you are able to burn calories.

Some of the most effective HIIT workouts

There are many HIIT workouts that will help you in getting a toned body and improve your physical well-being. Chosen from many of the different routines, here is a list of few workouts that will help you in both losing fat and gain muscle mass:

Butt kicks

Tired of standing in the long line and waiting for your turn? Why not utilize this free time more effectively? Do some butt kicking. Stand straight and start kicking your butt with your legs. Quickly move your legs and touch your butt alternatively. Repeat this until you can feel you heart pumping adrenaline throughout your body and gasp for some air.


This is one of the best exercises to involve the muscles of your whole body in the workout. Start from the standing position with your back straight. Quickly move down to the floor, do a crunch, sit and back into the standing position. Repeat this exercise in a set of 10 or do as much as you can.


Another one of the effective interval training workout is squat. It is a simple exercise that can be done anywhere with convenience. Stand up straight and tighten your core muscles. Then go into a sitting position, hold this position for a few seconds till you feel a burning sensation in your legs and then stand up straight. This exercise not only improves the blood circulation but also strengthens your core and thigh muscles.


The best part of interval training is that you don’t need any equipment for working out. Lunges are another great workout for your body. Stand up straight with your shoulders relaxed and chin up. Place your hands on your hips or hold something as per your wish and slowly move one leg forward and go into a sitting position. Move back up and repeat the same for the other leg. Increase your pace and keep repeating the exercise until you become breathless.

Jumping jacks

If you have no time for doing exercise, jumping jacks is the best way to get some blood pumping. Before getting ready for your office, simply get out of the bed and start jumping up and down. Move your legs and arms sideways during the jump. Do this for two-three minutes and you will feel fresh for the entire day.

Touch toes

This is an exercise that you must have done in your school too but never realized how effective it was for your body. Start with standing with your back straight and relaxed shoulders. Stretch your arms out and bend down while keeping your knees straight to touch your toes. Try your best to touch your toes with your fingers and repeat it with more speed as much as you can.

These are many of the few workouts included in interval training that are of high intensity. These are easy to do and of course takes no time at all. But still, these exercises get your heart pumping, make you sweaty and gasp for air.

Best circuit training ideas

Imagine just having to spend a mere 30 minutes in the gym or home for a workout and yet reach your weight loss goals quickly. Circuit training includes sets of different exercises combined together designed especially for your body so that you can lose weight more effectively. This includes both aerobic and non-aerobic exercises that focus on making you tired in less time.

This type of training not only decrease the time that you spend in the gym but is more effective. It improves your metabolism that helps in burning fat much more quickly and makes your muscles stronger.

The best circuit training routine is different for everyone as each person has the different physique and problem areas that need to be focused on. But here is a general idea what circuit training looks like:

Weeks 1 and 2

Each day of the week will be designed for a different activity. Like Mondays will be kept for full body weight training while Tuesday will be a day for 30 seconds brisk walk and sprints that is a part of interval training. Same will be repeated for the other two days and then you get to rest on Saturday and Sunday.

Week 3 and 4

Like the first two weeks, keep 2 days for full body weight training while on other days you will be asked to go for HIIT including jogging, sprints, and crunches.

Only a good and expert training will be able to set a circuit training program for you customized according to your body. It will be a combination of full body weight training and HIIT but in the right proportions.

The idea behind such a routine is to lose more weight and gain muscle mass in a shorter period of time. Each set of circuit training includes both aerobic and anaerobic exercises with rest days so that after such high-intensity workouts your body gets a chance to rest as well. But if you are a beginner make sure to start slowly and with a less intensive routine so that your body gets time to adjust to the change and adopts it well.

This is just because this regime is much more effective than the traditional workouts and saves a lot of time. Reach your desired weight loss goal in less time and remember the best summer bodies are made in the winter.