Increase testosterone

What is a Testosterone?

Testosterone pertains to the hormone that is commonly produced in huge amount by the males, (and a little in females) in the adrenal glands (a little) and testes. High levels of testosterone are linked with reproductive function, sexual performance, hair growth, and competitive behaviors, aggressive, muscle mass and all other manly things; in short it is connected with the epitome of the manhood.  Testosterone is the key role in development of the reproductive tissues of male, including the prostate and the testis and it is also known to promote the characteristics of the secondary sexual including the increased mass of bone and muscle and also the growth of the body hair.

Testosterone is important for the well-being and the health and also for the prevention of the osteoporosis. The levels of testosterone tends to top or peak when the age reached 40 and it gradually declines from there. In this case, the males have the greater risk to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, low mineral density, obesity, impaired sexual function, and diminished the physical performance and more. Luckily, there are many ways to boost and increase your testosterone that is very effective and proven by many (including professional doctors).

Effective Ways to Increase Testosterone

Testosterone is important in many ways, boosting the level of the testosterone is also important. There are so many ways in boosting the level of testosterone. Here are some of the effective ways to increase and boost the level of testosterone:

Irregular Fasting

This is a natural booster of testosterone level. It is proven by the professionals that the intermittent fasting can increase the testosterone by 200 percent (%) up to 400 percent. Also the level of the growth hormone is increased by almost 2,000 percent and it is correlated with the levels compared to those male who do not eat calories in one day. Intermittent fasting or alternate fasting fundamentally means of skipping the breakfast and eat the meals closer together. Eating 3 meals every day, one for noon, another at 3 p.m. and the last will be at 6 p.m. With this it allows and permits the organs to rest most especially the liver wherein it is a vital for balancing the hormones naturally. It is important to eat the right food though.

 Training or Exercising

Exercising is very important to everyone in order to maintain the body and have a healthy lifestyle. Training and exercising is very essential and a natural way in increasing the level of the testosterone. This can also be combined with the intermittent fasting. Lifting heavy weights can get you stronger and improve your muscles, including the quadriceps, shoulder, back, hamstrings and also the chest. It is said that lifting weights for about 30 minutes or even hours can definitely boost those male who have low level of testosterone. Interval training combined with weight training can definitely increase the HGH (Human Growth Hormone); it does keep the levels elevated.

 Liver Cleanse

Liver is a crucial in balancing the hormones especially the testosterone in a natural way. When the liver does not function well it has a great effect on the levels of testosterone. It is stated and proven in some research that having a healthy liver, the level of testosterone is increased and boost up to 90%.

 Get the Right Fats

Fats are said to be a health destroyer but the fact that there are healthy fats, not all the said fats are health destroyer. It is said to be that those male who have lower levels commonly consume a lot of junk foods and carbohydrates. Healthy fats intake can increase and boost the level of testosterone so does the free testosterone and the androstenedione. Eating avocado, healthy saturated fats and also the omega-3 fatty acids can definitely provide you the healthy fats and will naturally boost the testosterone levels.

 Stress Control

For those people especially males who are suffering or having struggle in dealing with frustrations, anger issues and also stress, it will definitely drop the level of the testosterone. Physical and mental stress is actually necessary for the body, the only problem is that when you are stressed and you got stuck in a state wherein it is pumping out cortisol nonstop. It is said that relieving stress is effective way to boost the testosterone levels.

 Intake of Vitamin D

This nutrient is very important to the body and it is a nutrient that can help in increasing the testosterone level. There are researches wherein it is stated that the Vitamin D can naturally increase the testosterone level in overweight males by almost 30%.

 Reducing Sugar Intake

This is very simple, once you consume sugar automatically the level of testosterone will drop. This is because of the fact that it leads to high level of insulin and this will lead to a low level of testosterone.  You need to control the craving for intake sweets in order to balance your levels.

 Good Plenty Sleep

Getting a good quality sleep at the right time is the most effective way in increasing the level of testosterone. The best sleep you can get is between 10pm to 6am would increase your hormone levels.

 Reduce Body Fat

Weight loss is very important, not just for achieving the body that you want and having a good health but also it have a linear and predictable relationship in increasing the testosterone level naturally. Having a high level of insulin and poor habits in sleeping then it will have a great effect in dropping down the level of testosterone.

Body Fat Testosterone

It is important to take good care of the testosterone level, keeping it elevated will make an individual healthy and far from any disease and illness.

What are the other natural ways to Increase your Testosterone levels ? Would love to hear from you.