kefir grains
kefir grains

You probably have heard of the wonders of kefir but if you haven´t then please! Keep on reading because you´re in for quite a delight.  

There are two main presentations of kefir, you can find it in a milk form or a grain form, both are marvelous for your digestive system with many other incredible benefits. But before we start talking about the numerous benefits of kefir let´s first understand what it is.  

What are Kefir Grains? 

It originated thousands of years ago in the north Caucasus Mountains of Eastern Europe, however the exact date or year is unknown. It is actually the oldest dairy product known to man. The Muslims would call it “The grains of the Prophet Muhammad” because of its wonderful health benefits.  

Kefir milk is made with kefir “grains”, which are made of yeast and bacteria. The grains aren´t exactly grains like wheat, they are of gelatinous texture that resembles cauliflower florets. In its milk form in can have the texture or consistency of a thin yogurt, but effervescent. Some people would say that it tastes like a milk soda.   

What´s even better is that you can easily add kefir to your daily diet. If you´re not fond of the flavor of milk (which tends to be rare) you can add it to your smoothie or prepare nutritious and delicious drinks with it.  

Kefir milk can also be made out of any type of milk; cow, goat or sheep. Other alternatives to dairy are also present in the market nowadays, like kefir milk made out of soy or even coconut. What´s even better about kefir milk, is that unlike other probiotic products on the market, you can make it at home!  

Once you have the kefir grains, it will be kind of hard for you to run out since they multiply constantly, which makes it almost an infinite source of kefir milk.   

Benefits Of Kefir Grains

Now let´s get to the good part. Why was kefir so glorified by ancient civilizations? and why are we just finding out about it now? Like you read at the start of this article, kefir grains and milk have been around for thousands of years, it´s not that it just recently appeared in the market, people in today´s times have just been generally oblivious to it.  

It´s also important to note that kefir milk or grains don´t get the same marketing propulsion as other industries, like the cow-milk industry. Especially because you can make it at home. But just because there aren’t marketing executives and huge corporation behind kefir milk doesn’t mean it should be forgotten. Keep reading and I´m pretty sure that by the end of this article you´ll switch to kefir milk.  

1. It Improves Your digestion  

In a study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association in 2003 in was demonstrated that kefir milk improved lactose digestion over milk, with reduced or no symptoms of lactose intolerance. The study also showed that it could treat digestive problems.  

2. Extra Source of Protein  

Kefir is a great source to get extra protein and also it´s great to lose some weight. A single serving contains less than 100 calories while still providing 10.5 grams of protein. You´d be taking protein but with very few calories. Way better than a steak.  

3. Good Source of B Vitamins 

It contains several B vitamins, which are essential for good health and correct functioning of the human body. B vitamins help multiple conditions like acne, anxiety, depression, skin problems, fatigue, heart disease and PMS. B vitamins are crucial for the efficient functioning of our bodies.  

4. It Lowers High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol  

Kefir contains kefiran, which is a polysaccharide that is associated with lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. This is the equivalent of giving your heart a dosage of nutritious love to keep it healthy and working in optimal conditions. According to numbers from the CDC in the U.S. alone 75 million people suffer from high blood pressure, kefir milk can be of great help to lower the statistics.  

5.  Safe to Drink for People Who Are Lactose Intolerant  

The fermentation process removes most of the irritating lactose from the milk, which means that it´s safe to drink if your digestive system can´t process dairy. It makes it a healthy alternative for people who suffer from lactose intolerance but still like the flavor of milk or the consistency for certain drinks like smoothies.  

6.  It Helps Good Bacteria Flourish in Your Intestines  

It is a myth that yogurt helps your intestines flourish with good bacteria, the type that helps keep a healthy digestive system and improve the assimilation of vitamins. The few good bacteria that yogurt has is quickly flushed out your system, unlike kefir, which is rich in Lactobacillus Caucasus, Leuconostoc, Acetobacter species, Streptococcus species, Saccharomyces kefir and Torula kefir which actually stay in your system and help your intestines assimilate B vitamins better B. 

 7. It Has Minerals  

Kefir is also a good source of minerals like calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. Mineral deficiency can cause symptoms like irritability, dizziness, cramps, muscle weakness, fatigue, depression, tremors and calcification of tissues. 

8.  Strengthens Your Immune System  

Stress and life alone are big factors in suppressing our immune system. Which is why is crucial to give our bodies foods that can nurture and strengthen our immune system. Super probiotics like kefir can help your body eliminate infections, fight off viruses, bad bacteria, and other illnesses. 

9.  Stronger Bones  

Kefir can improve and increase bone density, making it a great food to manage and treat osteoporosis. This is partly because it has calcium but also because it is a great source of vitamin K2. This vitamin is the one responsible for moving calcium deposits from your arteries, where they can harm your body, to your bones, where they can strengthen them. There´s no point in eating calcium if you´re not eating vitamin k2. 

10.  It May Protect Against Cancer  

It´s no secret that cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide. In 2015 cancer took 8.8 million lives and according to World Health Organization statistics, this number will rise by about 70% in the next 2 decades. YOU NEED TO PROTECT YOUR BODY. Research has found that kefir may help by inhibiting tumor growth and by reducing the formation of carcinogenic compounds. One study, in particular, discovered that kefir reduced the number of breast cancer cells by 56%, versus 14% for yogurt extract. 

11.  Improves Symptoms of Allergies  

Allergies occur in people when you develop hyper-sensitive immune systems that overreact with certain foods, medicines, and other environmental factors. As a result, the body reacts with an inflammatory response that creates the symptoms of allergies. Kefir has been found to possess anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the effects of allergies as well as asthma. 

As you´ve noticed kefir is a great source of important nutrients and its benefits are numerous. Another wonder of kefir is that you don´t need to eat pounds of it to get the necessary nutrients that your body needs, nor is it a difficult ingredient or food to add to your diet. You can easily make it part of your daily meal routine. You´ll instantly notice the benefits in your digestive system, but it will also be your general health where you´ll be able to notice the difference by adding another ingredient to your diet.    


Homemade Kefir Milk Recipe


  • 1 – 2 Tablespoon of Kefir Grains
  • Good Quality Milk (Whole Milk, Goat Milk or even Coconut Milk)

Plastic Strainer, Bowl and Stirrer

Steps Of Producing Kefir Milk

  1. Put your 1 – 2 Tablespoon Kefir Grains into the Jar
  2. Pour Milk into the Jar to the top of Kefir Grains
  3. Place the lid or just cover the top with a tea towel.
  4. Store in place with Temperature around 70°F – 85°F and Leave it Undisturbed
  5. Rest for 24 Hours and Observe.
  6. You will notice that Kefir Grains risen to the top and the Milk is a lot thicker.
  7. And smell has gone sour and Stinky.
  8. NOW, It’s Time to Separate the Milk from Kefir Whey.
  9. Place a Plastic Strainer onto the bowl to collect the Milk.
  10. Pour all the contents of the Jar into the Plastic Strainer to separate the Milk from the Kefir Whey.
  11. Stir is thoroughly using a Stirrer.
  12. At the end, you will be left with Kefir grains sitting on top of the Strainer and Kefir Milk in the Bowl.

Your Kefir Milk is READY !!!

Store in a Bottle and Place it into a cool place (Fridge) and drink a glass of Kefir Milk everyday to Increase good bacteria and nutrients in your body.

Please Note

  • You can further reduce the thickness of Kefir Milk by repeating the above steps.
  • You can re-use Kefir Grains to Start a New Batch of Kefir Milk.
  • You can eat used Kefir Grains (Whey) as Probiotic.
  • When you further strain out the remains of Kefir Grains is the only STEP to produce Kefir Whey.

4 STEPS To Encourage Kefir Grains Multiply Faster

  1. Use the Right Temperature around 70°F – 85°F when producing Kefir Milk
  2. Use only Whole Milk, Goat Milk or even Coconut Milk and avoid pasteurized milk.
  3. Give your Kefir Grains enough room to Grow in Jar.
  4. Stir the Mixture every 8 Hours.

Please share the comments and pictures about your Kefir Recipe