There are thousands of natural remedies for the health issues that we deal with each day. Simple compounds like made from roots can help relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and even help you sleep better. Maca powder is one such natural compound that you can use to help remedy typical problems. Maca powder is a root that is native to Peru that can be dried and ground into a powder that is taken as a supplement to help improve fertility and sex drive, memory, energy, and so much more.

Maca benefits - Improve Sex drive

9 Maca Powder Health Benefits

Maca root is more than just a supplement to help improve stamina. Here are nine health benefits of maca that you might not know exist. This is one root that is a super supplement and that can change the way you feel each and every day.

1. Great Nutrition

Maca root is a great source of protein and carbohydrates that are natural and easily used by our bodies. 28 grams of the root has only 91 calories, 20 grams of carbohydrates, 4 grams of protein, and tons of other vitamins and minerals like vitamin c and potassium. This is a great supplement to add to your diet if you are looking for a natural way to help improve your nutrition that does not include artificial supplements. You can add maca with the intent of getting the nutritional benefits but you will also be getting benefits like improved memory.

2. Improve Sex Drive

Studies have found that those taking the root as a supplement have a higher sex drive and a higher libido. The root has been marketed as a natural way to increase sex drive without artificial compounds. The root was used in a randomized study that found that there is evidence that the root does help improve sex drive for up to six weeks after initial ingestion. Natural alternatives to medication may be a great way to experiment with enhancing sex drive safely.

3. Male Infertility

There are plenty of couples that are struggling with infertility and maca has been found to help improve the overall health of sperm. One of the major benefits of the root is that it helps to improve sperm production in males that take the supplement and it helps to improve sperm qualify which may lead to enhanced fertility in men. For those that have been struggling with infertility, natural remedies are a great way to help the process without using chemicals and supplements that may have lasting side effects.

4. Relieve Menopause Symptoms

Any woman that has gone through the change or that is currently struggling with it can tell you that it is not a pleasant process. As the body ages, hormone levels begin to naturally drop which can lead to mood swings, insomnia, or even changes in appetite or bathroom habits. It can also lead to major fatigue and even widespread pain in the body. Maca has also been found to help protect bone health and women that have undergone menopause have an increased chance of having brittle bones. Maca has been found to help relieve hot flashes and sleep problems. The compounds found in maca mimic estrogen which is the hormone that the body is losing during menopause. The root may be able to act as a hormone therapy or replacement to help relieve symptoms.

5. Maca is a Mood Lifter

The root has been found to potentially help improve your mood. It has been used to help reduce anxiety and depression and have even been shown to help improve overall mental health. The root has been found to potentially help improve your mood. It has been used to help reduce anxiety and depression and have even been shown to help improve overall mental health. Maca has flavonoids which have been linked to psychological health. Those that take the supplement have been found to be less stressed and have even reported that their symptoms of depression have been alleviated as well. We could all use a bit of a lift and maca has been found that it does contain natural elements that have been linked to improved mood and improved mental health.

6. Energy Boost

Anyone that has ever taken part in sports or that is active can tell you that an energy boost is always welcome. Maca has been found to help improve overall energy and has been claimed to help you gain muscle. The powder is meant to help with endurance events and a study found that those male cyclists that took the supplement improved their times in timed trials for up to 14 days after they had taken the powder. A simple dose of maca powder can help to improve energy and keep you going if you have an important endurance event coming up.

7. Sunscreen

When applied to the skin the root has been found to help protect the body from the sun. We all know that sun is one of the biggest things that age our skin and that can lead to cancer and other issues. Maca extract has been found to be effective to help protect the skin from UV radiation. A study found that when the root extract was used on the skin it could help to dramatically protect you from UV rays. The root does have polyphenol antioxidants and glucosinolates that have been found to protect the skin from UV rays.

8. Improves Memory

Having trouble remembering things from day to day? We’ve all been there but the maca has been found to help improve memory and brain function. The root is traditionally used in Peru to help improve the school performance of children. In animal studies, the root has been found to help improve the memory of rodents that have memory issues. Black maca is what is traditionally used to help improve memory.

9. Reduce Prostate Size

Those men that have struggled with an enlarged prostate can tell you that it is painful, uncomfortable and that it can cause a great number of related issues. Maca has been found to help reduce the size of the male prostate as evidenced by rodent studies. The element of maca that helps reduce the size of the prostate are the glucosinolates, they have been linked to a reduced risk of prostate cancer. The red variety of the root has been found to be the most potent and effective when it comes to reducing the size of the prostate.

These are just some of the health benefits of this amazing root. There are endless possibilities when it comes to using natural supplements to help improve your overall health and wellbeing. Maca is something that can be purchased from health food shops or over the internet and with the proper dosage you can experience all the applicable benefits that we have discussed here.


maca side effects

Maca Side Effects and Warnings

Maca is a root that is widely used in Peru but native to Peru suggest that the root is boiled first to prevent any negative side effects. Generally, it is considered safe to consume and can help to improve your overall health. There are some warnings that state if you do have thyroid issues you may want to avoid taking maca or any supplement that contains it. If you do have thyroid issues, you may want to avoid it entirely.

The root has goitrogens, these are substances that are naturally occurring in the root but that may interfere with the normal function of the thyroid gland. Those that do not have thyroid issues are less likely to experience any ill effects in this regards. If you do have an impaired thyroid function, it can exacerbate the issues that you already have.

Women that are pregnant or breastfeeding should first consult with their doctor to see if taking the supplement is safe for them and their baby. There are currently not enough studies published that relate to taking maca while pregnant or breastfeeding to deem it safe without first consulting your doctor. Though maca is considered to be mostly safe for consumption, there are some side effects that you may experience when taking the supplement.

Those that have hormone sensitive diseases like ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, uterine fibroids, or even breast cancer are cautioned when taking supplements that contain maca root. Since the compounds in maca do mimic estrogen there is a chance that maca can act like estrogen and make estrogen and hormone sensitive diseases worse.

When deciding how much to take, there are a few different things to consider. The user’s age and overall health are the two biggest factors that are taken into account when determining dosage. For those that are taking maca as a supplement and not just eating the root, the general amount that is taken is going to be up to 3 grams daily for a span of around 4 months. Overall, maca is safe to take but if you have any hold ups or are worried that it might not be, you should talk with your doctor about the benefits of taking it and any possible side effects or drawbacks that you might experience.