What is CrossFit?

Greg Glassman was searching for a fitness program that would be meaningful and cover all aspects of human life. He did not find any such program. He endeavored to create a comprehensive fitness program that not only delivered body strength but left the person healthier. This is how CrossFit came into being.

Glassman identified the ten fitness domains of a human being as follows.

  • Balance
  • Respiratory and cardiovascular endurance
  • Speed
  • Power
  • Stamina
  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Agility

According to the program, anyone who focuses on these areas will achieve physical and mental strength as well as have a well conditioned body. The design of CrossFit program is to enable the body to develop excellent adaptation and response. With this program, every individual will achieve high competency levels in performing all tasks.

The program is also designed for athletes engaged in professional and competitive sports. It gives them the capability to successfully perform at random, multiple and extremely challenging physical events. This is only achievable when fitness focuses on the entire body other than particular muscles.

How CrossFit is Organised

CrossFit combines the elements of weight lifting, cardio, core training and preparing the body for unexpected endeavors. The routines involved in CrossFit ensure that you do not repeat a routine within the same week. Each workout hour is designed to lass 45 minutes to one hour. There are large warehouses that act as the gym. There are instructors who either use the Workout of the Day (WOD) routines or work with a client to develop a highly personalized routine.

Example of WOD routine for CrossFit
One round will take approximately 20 minutes. You can repeat the rounds as many times as your stamina can take. You also need to push your body in order to build strength. As such, do not stop when you feel the strain. Push your limits further every day.

  • 100m sprint
  • 2 pull ups
  • 2 Burpees
  • 2 Dead lifts

Why CrossFit Sessions Are Popular

Everyone loves encouragement and company when facing a tough opponent. CrossFit classes are performed in groups. This is the encouragement many people want in life to workout.

The sessions involve incredible high-intensity interval training (HIIT). The idea is that high-intensity workouts within a short time and in repeat rounds will deliver better results. In fact, this has been verified by CrossFit reviews.

The philosophy of CrossFit followers also gravitates towards the Paleo diet. This is the healthiest way to maintain the right body weight without starving. The diet has an excellent variety of palatable foods that will satisfy every taste bud.

CrossFit is also the best choice for fitness fanatics who are also very competitive yet love teamwork. It comes with a lot of verbal encouragement making every session enjoyable though grueling. It is for the people who are not ready for comfort and are therefore willing to push their bodies to the absolute limit. The running principle for CrossFit program is that you should train your body in readiness for anything that comes your way.


5 Benefits of CrossFit Training

Thousands of people would register into gyms and take up fitness programs only to give up weeks later. However, this trend has changed with the entry of the CrossFit Training program. It is a holistic fitness program that emphasizes on Olympic weightlifting and interval training. It offers incredible variety and an opportunity for aerobics for those who love it. It also helps you to build strength on all muscles and thus be ever ready whenever the situation demands. Which are the top benefits of CrossFit training?

Time Efficiency

CrossFit is designed to take only 15-20 minutes. The workouts are intense which makes them more effective. The design of the circuits makes it possible to achieve a lot within the stipulated period. You only have three to four routines to work with. One session could include squats, burpees, jogs and pull ups. This repetition burns the system giving you a perfect body.


CrossFit is a highly intense program. The speed and extremely short intervals deny you a time to slow down and give up. Since you want the results, you push your body harder with each session. Ones the results begin to show, it is an incredible motivation to continue.

The other motivation comes from the random friends you meet at the gym. Each has own exercises with the entire room packed with fast working patrons. These people encourage you to push your boundaries on a daily basis. When you see people hit goals that appeared impossible, you are more motivated to hit your own.

Personalized Coaching

Although there is Workout of the Day (WOD) routines, the trainers modify them leading to a highly personalized regime. The idea is to find a package the perfectly suits your needs. This is in appreciation that everyone has unique goals, schedule, working speed and capability. With personalized programs, it becomes easier to hit the goals and thus maintain motivation. You will never be in competition with anyone.

The modification is done in a professional manner to ensure that all aspects of health and fitness are catered for. The coaches also ensure that high standards are maintained to guarantee safety, consistency, and results. The coaches also act as counselors, buddies, nutrition advisors and cheerleaders or motivators.

Variety of Excercise

The CrossFit program is so rich that it has a routine for everyone. You will never be boxed into a similar routine or pushed to achieve goals similar to those of your neighbor. The workouts range from climbing stairs, bulk up, weight lifting, etc. Each part of your body will feel the joy of being to the gym.

Overall Health Experience

CrossFit is not all about a toned body. Focusing on major domains produces an all rounded and generally fit person. The exercises and the entire experience have a positive effect on the hormonal adaptation and neurological balance of the body. This experience will transform your life for good through energy, motivation, and friendship.

This is one of the good habits that will be irresistible once adopted. The inclusion of healthy yet tasty diet results in overall improved health. This is a CrossFit lifestyle change that you will live with for the rest of your life.


7 Most Effective CrossFit Workouts

Why have you decided to take up CrossFit program? Is it to lose weight, gain stamina, strengthen your muscles, or just keep fit? Whatever your expectations, CrossFit will deliver. One of the strong points of CrossFit program is the variety it offers. There are different workouts for each reason and goal. However, some have been regarded as more effective than others. Here is a list capturing 7 of the most effective workouts.

Fran WOD

This is one of the most popular yet excruciating and feared workouts. You begin at a standing position where you hold the barbell against your shoulders. The palm faces up with squats maintaining the bar at shoulder level. It involves a cycle of 29 thrusters, 21 pull-ups, 15 pull-ups, 15 thrusters, 9 thrusters and 9 pull-ups. The routines can be scaled up depending on your fitness level. It works on muscles on your arms, torso, and legs.

Grace WOD

This is a one round exercise, unlike the others where you repeat. It involves lifting the weight. You engage 30 clean and jerks like Olympic weight lifting. This will effectively test your flexibility, speed, strength, power and coordination. This is an exercise everyone can complete. It is recommended that a standard man work with 135 pounds of weight and 95 pounds for women. Respect your capability to avoid injuries. Use professional weights and remain under the supervision of a professional.

Annie WOD

It involves only two exercises. Double-unders and sit ups. You are supposed to begin at 50 alternating between sit-ups and double-unders and reduce the number by ten with every round until you hit 10. It requires speed and cardio strength. It tests the ability of your muscles to sustain pressure.

Mary WOD

It only takes twenty minutes to complete this routine. The routine involves 5 handstand push-ups, 10 alternating one-legged squats, and 15 pull-ups. You are supposed to increase the number of rounds completed in twenty minutes progressively. The ultimate goal should be twenty rounds in 20 minutes. This pushes up your endurance levels and helps you build torso strength.

Angie WOD

This is a one time but highly intensive session. It combines exercises for full body. You are required to complete a hundred hits before moving to the next exercise. The exercises are pull ups, push ups, sit ups and squats. Alongside Fran, this is a benchmark for CrossFit progress.


It is designed to strengthen your baseline body. It also involves the basic movements. You are required to complete as many rounds as possible within 20 minutes. Each day should be an opportunity to improve on performance. There are 5 pull ups, 10 push ups and 15 air squats.


This workout is also christened ‘The Three Bars of Death”. The idea is to use weights that are proportional to your body weight. First is a dead lift of 1.5 your body weight counting down from ten to zero. The second round is a bench press with your body weight equivalent and the last a clean lift of 0.75 of your body weight. Each exercise is counted down to zero from ten.

Surprisingly, all these workouts are named after ladies. It could be an indication of how tough they are. You have the perfect variety with CrossFit to meet your fitness goals.


What Are Crossfit Games

Most sports in the world test for mastery of certain skills. This means that you can find a runner who can endure kilometers but cannot lift a weighted fit for amateurs. This is the void that CrossFit Games sort to fill. They were designed to search for the Fittest on Earth.

The games began in 2007 and have grown in reaps and bound. This is the most grueling test for athletes who regard themselves as tough. The games also offer an incredible experience to spectators. This has earned them a place among the fastest growing sports in America. This is according to Forbes.

Why CrossFit Games Were Created

History has seen more torturing sports in NFL and Ironman Triathlon, among others. However, none of these games have perfected the measure for true fitness. Even decathlon, though it tests a wide range of athletic abilities, it misses a very crucial component that is physical fitness.

The games are designed around movement. The basics are to move a large weight over a long distance and in the shortest time. You can remember that movement is the basis of CrossFit training. Despite the movements during games, this is a moment to test and not train the contestants. The sole aim of the games it to find the fittest athlete.

CrossFit games are divided into three stages:

  • The Open
  • Regionals
  • CrossFit Games


The Open

This is a workout competition that runs for five weeks. It is open to anyone who is 14 years and above. The competitions are held in accredited garages and gyms throughout the world. The routine is uploaded on Thursday and willing competitors are given until Monday to have submitted their score. There are 17 regions used to get the best performers based on posted results. The top performers are entered into regional competitions.


Regional competitions are held live and bring together top performers from the 17 regions. The competitions take place in May. They stretch over three days. There are five qualifying spots available. As such the top athletes drawn from two to three regions have to compete to take up these spots. It is the top performers who proceed to the ultimate CrossFit Games.

CrossFit Games

The 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games is the culmination of competitions from the grass root. By this time, hundreds of thousands of competitors worldwide have produced the fittest 40 women, 40 men, 40 teams and 80 teenagers. There are now 240 masters entered into the ultimate competition.

A fair test of fitness works on the principles of unknown and unknowable. Since an athlete cannot train for what is unknown, the revelation is made right before competitions begin. It is the combination of extremely fit athletes and unknown events that provide the thrill of these games.

The scores are tallied relative to the performance of others in the competition other than your position. You have to consistently outshine others in dust hill sprints, ocean swims, carrying sand bags and other grueling events. Capturing the title of the Fittest on Earth is not for the faint-hearted.


How Does Someone Qualify For The Crossfit Games?

Registration for CrossFit Games commences in January on 12. It is advertised on the official website Registration is usually open until February.

The Open
This is the first level of competition. Anyone targeting to be in the finals must pass through this state. This year, competitions began on Thursday, February 23rd at exactly 5.00 pm. The competition remains open until March 27th at 5.00 pm. The system uses PT timing.

Each Thursday, a workout routine will be released at 5.00 pm. Those intending to participate, have until Monday the following week at exactly 5 pm to submit their scores. The performance can be viewed by an accredited judge at a participating gym or you may record as you perform and upload the video on their website. The video will be reviewed and a score awarded.

A contestant for the regional games must compete at both Individual Division and Team Division. This means that you must complete the same workout version of the Open on weekly basis. Teenagers (14-17 years) and Masters (35+) enjoy some exceptions. By contacting the support before Open Workout 17.1 closes, they can be moved into Individual Division. Masters compete with peers from around the world. However, teams and individual entrants are restricted to their regions.
Top Your Regional Competition
There are 17 regions that compete in regional competitions. The Regionals are only reserved for the best in Individual Men, Individual Women, and Teams from each region. Participants are drawn from all parts of the world including Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia, USA and Canada, among others. There are more regions in America than any other continent, increasing your chances of qualifying.

Work to be top in your age category. Those who finish top 200 in each category receive an automatic invitation into Masters Online Qualifiers. Do not celebrate yet. The leader board changes every minute. Someone is working to beat your score. As the scores are verified, some will take up top positions while others will be dropped.

Submitting the Video for Open Workout
Having submitted the video for Open Workout and come on top, you will be notified of your performance and acceptance into regional games through an email. The email requires you to submit a video of a specific Open workout session. CrossFit judges thoroughly review your performance to ensure that you met all requirements and standards of the competition. Movement standards must also be met. It is only after the review that you get an invitation to participate in the regional games.

Qualifying Positions
The positions are filled backward since some athletes pullout to take up slots in teams. Others may also fail to meet movement standards and thus are disqualified. This means that if you are in a qualifying position or close to qualification, you should monitor your emails to see if CrossFit staff contacted you with the good or bad news.

Masters Online Qualifiers
There are no invitations into the Masters Online Qualifiers. Only those who finish top in their respective Open are allowed to attempt the Masters Online Qualifier. The qualifier is now referred to as ‘events’. Masters Online Qualifiers resemble the Open only that the fitness bar has been raised and thus the field has fewer competitors. The events are tough and even more competitive. The aim of this level is to test your ability to handle loading and other grueling movements that characterize CrossFit Games.

The events are still posted online on Thursday and competitors are given until Monday to upload their results. Your results will be accepted if the performance is in front of an accredited judge or you submit a video for review. Historically, four events are released every Thursday. There is no particular order in which you complete these events. You are at liberty to repeat the events until you have gotten your best score.

If you are within the qualifying zone, it is advisable that you film all your performance. You might be required to submit your video for review. The people who are invited to the CrossFit Games are top 20 of the Masters Online Qualifier.

Competition Rules
Age-Group Online Qualifiers compete worldwide with age mates, allowing them to advance to the next level. Top 200 in each division have a chance to participate in Online Qualifiers. This competition requires them to upload videos or scores of four workouts.
Dates and Time- the workouts for Online Qualifies will be available on Thursday, April 20th, 5.00 pm PT. Competitors have until Monday 24th to upload their scores.
Judging and Validation- scores will only be eligible for review or entry into the competition if the performance was monitored by a registered affiliate of credible standing. The four workouts must also be videotaped. If one opts to use the video method of review, it must meet the submission guidelines.

There is more information on qualifying for CrossFit Games on their website. If you feel fit enough and ready for the challenge, register and win while still pursuing fitness and good health. These are games with an opportunity for everyone.